— The 2012 Annual workshops in Sydney

1 The 2012 Annual General Assembly, Workshops and Conference:

The 2012 AIAS General Assembly will be held for the first time in Australia at the National Art School in Sydney during the week of 8-15 July 2012.

The week will comprise:

· The General Assembly Meeting (all Presidents/Directors of member institutions, Chair, President of AIAS, Jan Stinchcomb, Vice Provost, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore);

· An Ambassadors and Editors Meeting: each member has a nominated Ambassador (who represents the AIAS organisation and program in each School) and an Editor (who collaborate across institution on the thematic seminars and events);

· Thematic Symposium;

· Thematic Practical Studio Workshops for Advanced Students and Professors for 50-60 participants The participants of the workshops will present their work at the end of the 2012 AIAS event;

· Annual Prize of Honour for the best AIAS Graduates Exhibition & Award;

· AIAS Board Meeting.

2 Theme for 2012: The proposed theme of the AIAS 2012 General Assembly, Symposium and Workshops will be Re: Imagine, Drawing in Dialogue – Narrative, Interpretation and Storytelling. This theme will explore the role of drawing in the visual arts as a global means of communication, visual dialogue and as a tool for creative development in art design. The theme will also enable the leaders of the member institutions to consider the role of the independent art and design school in the higher education sector, leadership in higher education and the visual arts, and professional training for art and design practitioners in a global context.

3 The Program: The event program of presentations, keynotes, workshops and meetings will run from Monday-Friday inclusive, with additional welcome and orientation events and excursions at the weekends/during the week designed to encourage the exploration of Sydney and surrounding NSW.

The General Assembly, Symposium and practice-led Workshops will coincide with the 18th Biennale of Sydney, All our Relations, and the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) 2012 Annual Conference, Together<>Apart being held in Sydney. This will provide an unparalleled opportunity for international dialogue in and through the visual arts, higher education and the professional sectors.

The exhibition of works by the best graduates nominated by each member organisation of the AIAS for the Prize of Honour takes place throughout the week. At the Closing Ceremony and after the presentation of the Workshops, the Chair of the 2012 Jury will announce the award of the 2000Euro AIAS Prize. The General Assembly will also culminate in an exhibition of work made by the advanced students and professors during the week’s workshops.

The final closing event of the AIAS General Assembly will be a creative event held on the evening of Friday 13th July. The NAS Gallery event, I AM WHAT I PLAY, will present a program of music, video works and art installations by students, lecturers and curators of the National Art School. Attendees of the AAANZ 2012 Annual Conference will also be welcomed to this event, which will commence with the AAANZ 2012 Book Laurels.

As a participating organisation in all three events, the National Art School will play a major part in hosting the international guests, and will be hosting Professor Thierry Du Duve a keynote speaker at the AAANZ Conference and also Monika Grzymala (Poland) and Ed Pien (Canada), two of the artists included in the Biennale. AIAS attendees will be able to attend the keynote presentations and other events of the AAANZ 2012 Conference and some special events held in association with the Biennale of Sydney.