Memorandum of Understanding

Proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding

Kaywon School of Art and Design proposes that AIAS member schools exchange

students, faculties and other academic resources. For educational cooperation between

Kaywon School of Art and Design and AIAS member schools, both parties agree that

the promotion of co-operation and exchange in all areas of mutual academic interest is

desirable. Both parties wish to expand the basis for friendship and cooperative

educational exchange and set forth the following agreement.

Article 1

The purpose of this MoU includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Development of joint venture projects between Kaywon School of Art and Design

and AIAS member schools.

2. Organization of joint academic activities such as courses, conferences, seminars,

exhibitions and lectures.

3. Exchange of staffs and students.

4. Exchange of materials and publications.

Article 2

Themes and conditions of joint activities and their results, including the

arrangements for visits, exchanges and other forms of cooperation will be further

discussed and developed mutually for each specific case. All financial arrangements

will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

In order to carry out and fulfill the goals of this agreement both parties will appoint

coordinators for the development and management of joint activities. Specific details

will be set forth in a letter of agreement which will form a part of this general

arrangement following signature by the appropriate authorities of both parties.

1. Elaboration of the responsibilities of each institution for the agreed upon activity.

2. Schedules for the specific activity.

3. Budgets and sources of financing for each activity.

4. Any other items deemed necessary for the efficient management of the activity.

Article 3

This agreement will take effect from the date of its signature by all appropriate

authorities and will remain in effect until one party notifies the other party of its wish to

terminate the agreement in advance.

Professor Young-Jin Kang

President Emeritus, Kaywon School of Art and Design