AIAS event 2014

We are honoured to invite you to participate in the special AIAS event in
November 2014 at AKI ArtEZ, the Enschede Academy of Art & Design in the
Central theme for this meeting is the future of the AIAS. The starting point of
the discussions is the pamphlet ‘The Value of the AIAS’ that was sent to all the
AIAS members in November 2013. For those of you that have a hard time to
recover this document we have reattached it to this invitation.
AIAS started from an exclusive initiative, which resulted in a worldwide
attention and support of independent Art- and Design Schools and Art
Faculties, gathered in the AIAS.
Since it’s founding in Dessau in 1990 the AIAS members organized an
immense amount of Symposia and Workshops all over the world, focussed on
the contacts between the AIAS students and professors.
This is the basis of the intrinsic contact between a wide range of involved
students and teachers from the AIAS Art- and Design Schools.
The purpose of the November meeting in Enschede, NL in November 2014 is
the need to discuss the raison d‘être of the AIAS based on the international
AIAS master education proposal as formulated in ‘The Value of the AIAS’.
We do this by placing the original starting points in light of the current
[international] standards of Art- and Design education and the way the world
around us has changed.
One of the most important aspects of our activities is the focus on working and
thinking together between students and teachers on an international level in
order to learn from the different cultures united in the AIAS association.
Meanwhile the world has broadened. The Internet and Social Media changed
communication and the world intensively. In the course of the AIAS’ existence,
worldwide communication through the Internet and Social Media became the
standard. Students and teachers no longer depend only on the organized AIAS
Workshops and Symposia. Both students and teachers can easily
communicate by means of diverse digital and distant platforms.
On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 November the Aki ArtEZ, Enschede Acdademy of
Visual Arts (one of the founding AIAS Schools), is happy to be your host during
the Symposium ‘The Value of the AIAS’ and the General Assembly. The
meetings will be organized at the new building near the centre of Enschede.
Please let us know whether or not you will participate in the Symposium ‘The
Value of the AIAS’ and the affiliated General Assembly before August 25th by
sending an e-mail to
If you will not participate in the Symposium and the General Assembly we
would be pleased to know the reason why, because this is important in our
discussions regarding the future of the AIAS.
We will send the program and further practical information a.s.a.p.
Sincerely Yours,
Ronald Kox MA,