AIAS 2012 annual event in Sydney

Hello Els!

My name is Kacie Mills. I attended AIAS in Sydney this July.

I just wanted to tell you how amazing my experience was, and how thankful I am!

The theme of storytelling in a global context really resonated with me.
Lyndal Jones, Mike Parr and Locust Jones especially had a profound effect on me.
Only time will tell how much their words influenced me. For this, I can’t thank AIAS enough.

Every person I met was incredibly friendly. My international peers were fascinating and lovely;
it was wonderful to hear about their lives. Sydney and the biennial were spectacular,
and the trip out to Cockatoo Island was especially memorable.

The AIAS convention and NAS will remain forever in my memory as a shimmering, wonderful week.
I am so grateful to have been a part of it.


© Cary Markerink

drawing as a way of writing Sept8_2012

this pdf is a contribution of the author Hu Jun from Huangzhou Normal University on the occasion of the annual AIAS event in Sydney, in July 2012