— mission statement

Mission Statement AIAS

The AIAS is a (purposely) small, independent and interdependent global organisation of art and design schools.

AIAS is a platform that actively encourages mutual understanding, tolerance, freedom of speech, and above all, freedom of imaging that should disclose an actual vision on the times. Art and design are fundamental creative forces that could shape the world to a better one.

Art and design schools could play their role in the globalising and localising society better by strengthening each other through an intensive collaboration and exchange.

AIAS encourages consequently a theoretical and practice based dialogue on art and design between students, professors and directors of art schools.

AIAS organises workshops and symposia for these groups to facilitate the exchange of ideas, cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints.

Working and thinking together is AIAS’ motto.

AIAS is convinced that art and design are the only forces that stay on when all other human activities have already become history.

Peter Sonderen
President AIAS