AIAS has a small invitational membership of art schools worldwide that actively

share in participative practical workshops accompanied by thematic seminars and events that contextualise and critique the practice-led collaborations initiated and organised between them, and held worldwide.

The small scale of the membership facilitates a genuine dialogue between

organisations and the cultural and political imperatives affecting the provision of

art and design higher education within small-scale institutions across the world.

The membership is by nomination from existing members and seeks to identify and include high quality organisations who share a commitment to exchanging experience and views through active participation in thematic and practical workshops and seminars derived from cultural location, history and narrative, and aimed at forging understanding and connections between the particpants.

AIAS is not a policy making and influencing organisation, but one that actively generatesdebate and activity through shared practices, and values the intimacy ofcollaboration that the scale of membership facilitates.